rePUSHTI now verifies Traveler Nationality

Different geographies and countries in the world are at different stages of the pandemic, due to various factors. Medical infrastructure available, local norms, variants of the virus and immunization progress define how well a country is equipped to handle the

Re-verify RT-PCR & Vaccination Details of your Guests

Vaccination programs have rolled out globally, which have made travel restrictions easier for many countries. Many hotels and properties now require guests to provide details of an RT-PCR test or vaccination certificates at the time of check-in or prior to

Can you Re-verify custom parameters for bookings?

Many times, customers make special requests while booking a hotel. How can travel agents ensure, these requests are honored by the hotel? Given the pandemic, special requests like RT-PCR tests & vaccination information are one of the main requirements from

Productivity Enhancements in Re-verification Process

Table of Content – Introduction Analyzing Phone Numbers Probability of a Successful Re-verification Making Sense of the Data Understanding the requirements of the Hotel While building rePUSHTI, one of our major goals was to simplify the re-verification process for travel

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