Many times, customers make special requests while booking a hotel. How can travel agents ensure, these requests are honored by the hotel?

Given the pandemic, special requests like RT-PCR tests & vaccination information are one of the main requirements from hotel these days.

Business Travelers require invoices with the proper tax codes mentioned on them.

Travel Businesses and Agents can now ensure, all this information is shared and received by the Hotel, to fulfill the customer’s requirements. You can re-verify all custom parameters for your bookings.

rePUSHTI provides and option to add custom fields to your re-verification data and these can be re-verified.

You can pass the custom field through the API or you can add them directly in rePUSHTI through the ‘Add Offline Booking’ option.

By re-verifying more than 50 parameters, rePUSHTI ensures all details of travel booking are completely re-verified.

About rePUSHTI:
A cloud platform that completely automates your booking re-verification process. It provides a hassle free, accurate and detailed re-verification of your bookings through our AI powered engine. Thereby, reducing any chances of manual errors, over bookings and losses to you and your customers. It gives you complete control through real-time dashboard.

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