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Travellers are very familiar with booking errors. A booking error or booking mismatch can be defined as a difference between what was mentioned at the time of booking and what the customer receives at the hotel. Many things can cause booking errors. There are various forms of booking errors, and each of these leave customers with poor experience.  

Booking errors can manifest themselves as a room not available, the hotel being closed, a mismatch in the amenities mentioned, or even payment issues. All of these can contribute to a stressful situation for your customer at the time of check-in. It’s not possible to anticipate so many situations and prepare accordingly. But it’s always possible to invest in re-verification to prevent booking errors.   

Travellers prefer having a smooth and uneventful hotel stay. They pay for what they perceive is going to help them have a comfortable stay. However, not everything works out the way it is planned. There are issues that we often don’t know or don’t realize could contribute to booking errors. Travellers unfortunately will bear the consequences, as will your business as a travel company.   

rePUSHTI reverifies hotel bookings thoroughly to ensure that travelers have a hassle-free experience. During our re-verification process, we often come across rare issues that can be a contributing factor to booking errors. One such factor is ‘rate discrepancy’.   

What is the Rate Discrepancy?

Rate discrepancy or also known as pricing discrepancy can be defined as any difference between the price that was advertised and the price at the point of the sales. Let’s say the customer finds a product they wish to buy at X price. However, during the check-out the price was different from what they expected and what was quoted earlier.   

Rate discrepancy in hotel booking is not unheard of, customers often have an unpleasant encounter waiting for them when they arrive at their destination. Here are two such instances that rePUSHTI discovered during the re-verification process.   

Scenario 1  

While reverifying a booking for an international reservation in Egypt, the hotel stated that the booking is not valid. This happened as the rate at which booking was made was not for the Egyptian market. The hotel authorities stated that if the guest arrives, they would have to pay an extra $50 per night basis. Only then will the booking be accepted.   

Scenario 2  

During re-verification of a booking, rePUSHTI team found out that the booking was not confirmed. This happened as there was a discrepancy in hotel rates and the rates at which the supplier made the booking. The hotel also stated that they will confirm the booking with the supplier.  

In both these scenarios, if the guests had arrived at the hotel with no idea of the rate discrepancy, they would have been in for a rude shock. Guests are often secure in the knowledge that their travel agent or travel company has everything under control for them. All they need to do is get to the hotel. When booking errors happen, this notion is challenged and so is their trust in the travel companies. This is how you lose customers and brand reputation.   

All of this is preventable, as seen from both the scenarios above, re-verification can sound alarm bells before the customer could arrive at the hotel. During re-verification, it’s possible to not just re-verify the booking but also prevent booking errors through a complete check of various parameters that can cause issues with the hotel stay.   

What seems like an isolated case is more common than you think. Rather than letting your customers have a tough time at their hotel, make their trip easier. Promise and deliver them a hassle-free journey by making re-verification a part of your service. For just 1$ you can prevent monetary losses and loss of brand reputation. Improve your services by making rePUSHTI a part of your business.   

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