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While building rePUSHTI, one of our major goals was to simplify the re-verification process for travel agencies. In solving the various challenges encountered during the re-verification process, we realized that there are a lot of activities which are repetitive or ineffective and there by reduces the overall effectiveness of the re-verification process.

For example, many a times a particular number at the hotel goes unanswered of takes multiple tries before it is answered. While there is another phone number available which is attended more promptly. Or there are certain standard parameters of every hotel that remain standard across all bookings and can auto re-verified.

We identified issues like this and added them into our product development roadmap, which is helping us make rePUSHTI even more effective and reduce the time to re-verify bookings substantially

Here are a few such improvements that I would like to share with you:
  1. Analyzing Phone Numbers
  2. Probability of a successful re-verification
  3. Making sense of the data
  4. Understanding the requirements of the hotel
Analyzing Phone Numbers –
Based on all the call that are placed from our system, we analyze all the phone numbers based on their probability of getting answered, number of tries it takes before the call is answered and the best phone number to reach a hotel for re-verification. Our ML models keeps getting trained to ensure every booking is re-verified through the best reachable phone number.
Probability of a successful re-verification –

This is an interesting one! We speak to thousands of hotels every month and that means there are many things discussed and shared over these calls. One very interesting thing that we have started doing is that we are analyzing all these conversations through a speech to text functionality within the rePUSHTI system. It enables us to identify the probability of a successful re-verification for a particular booking even before the call is placed.

Making sense of the data – 

Creating unmatched customer experience is the key for business success for future. Travel industry generates huge volume of customer data through their bookings every year giving us enormous scope to deep dive into the data pool and come up targeted insights about customer aspirations, choices, and their behavioral patterns.

Leveraging data science practices here will give us high level of predictability on customer aspirations to design and create product offering thereby next level customer experience. Further, we will be leveraging data science to analyze the booking patterns for every travel business and help them streamline their re-verifications.

Understanding the requirements of the hotel – 

Hotels work in different ways with different suppliers and travel businesses. Every hotel has different requirements in terms of identification information to be able to re-verify bookings. We have been studying various hotels and their bookings to identify what are the kind of specific details each hotel will demand at the time of re-verification.

These are just a few ways in which we are continuously improving our re-verification platform.
The goal is to ensure every booking is properly re-verified with no chances of error.

If you would like to try the re-verification of your bookings, give rePUSHTI a try. We are providing 20 re-verifications free of cost! 

For more information, visit our website –

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