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Booking errors are a common thing in the travel industry. It’s a well-known fact that booking errors often lead to unhappy customers. This in turn leads to monetary loss and loss of brand reputation. Booking errors are bad enough for business but not learning from these errors is just as harmful. A lot of companies do try to avoid mistakes but the easiest way to do so is by using technology.

Booking errors come in various forms, but in the end, it’s all about what the client wanted and what they got instead, in simple terms, a mismatch. E.g. Your customer has requested a room with a bathtub and a balcony, they reach the hotel and find that their room has neither. Now, this is a mismatch and could have been avoided with a simple act of re-verification.   

Re-verification is not as complicated and cumbersome as it sounds. It has its merits and can help you and your agency avoid some costly mistakes. Re-verification on its own isn’t a brand-new concept. Agencies have been doing this for quite a while. However, what makes re-verification work is how it is structured and executed. Technology can give it the edge it needs.   

Let’s take a closer look at how manual re-verification fares in comparison to technology-based reverification.   

How does manual re-verification work in travel agencies ?  
  • Dedicated Personnel for Booking Verification   

Travel agencies will need a dedicated team that will focus only on re-verification of the booking. While this seems to be a good idea on the surface, it has its drawbacks. Agencies will have to invest time, money and effort in training these resources. These resources will have plenty to do during the travel season, but in the offseason, they will find themselves devoid of work.   

  • High International Call Rates   

The booking made in countries that are not based in your home location can be taxing on your call rates. The volume of outbound international calls and the waiting time in these calls will add to your phone bill.   

  • 20 to 30% of Travel Agents’ time for verification   

If you do not have a dedicated team for reverification, your agents or you will spend a good deal of your time doing re-verification. That is near about 20 to 30% of your time. These are the work hours that should be spent utilizing your resources to boost your revenue and grow your business.   

  • Chances of Errors   

Manual re-verification is a grueling process. The chances of error are quite high. The possibility of human error is quite high as this is a manual activity. This can result in mismatches that are overlooked.   

Technology driven re-verification with rePUSHTI  

 rePUSHTI automates the complete booking re-verification process with certain standard parameters. It ensures that every booking is re-verified across all the parameters without any gaps. rePUSHTI has standardized the whole process of re-verification and delivers consistent results. rePUSHTI leverages AI based learning engine to ensure that every booking is re-verified by using multiple channels like calls, emails, WhatsApp, alternate methods.  

What you get with rePUSHTI ?
  • Re- verification across 50 plus parameters   

You can get bookings across 50 plus parameters re-verified. This includes booking details, passenger details, the booking criteria, amenities, inclusions and all the data provided by the hotel in the system.   

  • Notification   

You will receive a notification on successful reverification. This means you can either send a mobile notification or generate an email notification for the parties concerned. Alternatively, you can also add an API into your system that shows that the booking has been re-verified.  

  • 24 X 7 Availability   

The travel industry never stops working, we understand this, therefore our services are available all 24 X7 356 days a year. This helps us serve our customers all over the world, across various time zones. No matter when the booking is pushed through rePUSHTI, we can start the re-verification process.   

  • Reduce Losses  

Some of the major monetary losses incurred are due to booking errors. With rePUSHTI it is possible to avoid booking errors that end up being costly mistakes. You can protect your brand reputation and your income by investing in rePUSHTI.  

  • Improve Customer Experience   

Your customers will not appreciate having an unpleasant shock when they reach their destination and encounter booking errors. It’s important to give them smooth, easy and hassle-free booking experience. This will bring you to repeat business from customers and newer customers based on your reputation.   

A quick take on rePUSHTI 

  • rePUSHTI is a cloud platform that completely automates your booking re-verification process.  
  • Get accurate and detailed re-verification of your bookings through our AI-powered engine.  
  • Utilize the real-time dashboard that gives you complete control over the re-verification process  
  • rePUSHTI’s framework can connect with suppliers and travel service providers, anytime, anywhere   
  • 1 re-verification costs about $1, you can get booking re-verification at a cost-effective rate.   

If you are a travel agent grappling with booking errors, it’s time to trust technology to work for you. Use technology to ensure that all your bookings are free of error without extra manual work and extra cost. Sign-up for free and get 20 Free Credits to Re-verify your bookings. 

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