A travel agent’s work does not end with the booking confirmation. Your customer’s complete experience depends on how you handle the booking right from the moment of confirmation. There are many factors between the booking and the customer reaching the hotel. Any of these could contribute to a booking error.   

Booking errors are never to be taken lightly. Customers are spoilt for choice. If they are unhappy with your services, they will simply choose your competitors. The only way to retain your customers and get new ones is through impeccable service. This starts with avoiding booking errors.    

At rePUSHTI, we re-verify bookings with technology at the helm. So, we regularly come across booking errors. Here are a few real-life challenges that we came across during re-verification.

Scenario 1   

A booking came through Hotelbeds that had breakfast included in the services. However, the hotel where the booking had been made at does not serve breakfast. This issue was highlighted and the travel agent was updated on the error due to timely re-verification by rePUSHTI.   

Scenario 2  

The ownership of a Thailand-based hotel had changed. It was still live on Expedia and no updates on its current status was made. When rePUSHTI re-verified the booking, we found that the hotel under its current owner was not leveraging Expedia. Therefore, the booking made through Expedia was not available in the hotel’s system.   

Scenario 3  

A booking was made due to a glitch in the system. Such a glitch in the system has the potential to cause booking errors. This was identified by the rePUSHTI team. We alerted the client about the issues and helped them identify the error in their system   

Scenario 4   

The booking had been cancelled before the guest reached the hotel. This is the kind of booking error any travel agent should avoid. This too could have been easily identified and avoided had the travel agent recharged their rePUSHTI account. But since they didn’t, the booking error went unnoticed and there were monetary losses.   

Scenario 5  

During a booking re-verification, rePUSHTI team was able to identify that the payment for a booking had not gone through. The check-in for the customer was on the same day. The hotel informed us that if payment wasn’t made in 2 hours the booking would be cancelled. Our team was able to inform the concerned parties promptly about the issue.   

As a rePUSHTI customer, if you haven’t recharged your credits, you will miss out on such errors and more. With rePUSHTI, you are not just avoiding potential booking errors but also saving money and protecting your reputation and business.   

There are many types of booking errors that we come across regularly at rePUSHTI. We complied with our learning in the report ‘The State of Re-verification‘ about various booking errors in a bid to understand and prevent them. You can get this report here for free.   

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