Different geographies and countries in the world are at different stages of the pandemic, due to various factors. Medical infrastructure available, local norms, variants of the virus and immunization progress define how well a country is equipped to handle the situation.

There are many countries like Turkey, Egypt, Dubai who have opened their international borders to welcome foreign tourists for business and leisure. However there are many countries and even local regions / states that are restricting the travel only to fully or partially vaccinated people.

Why traveller nationality is important?

It is important for the traveller to know whether he would be allowed to stay at the hotel, which he has booked for his journey. Hotels are following strong protocols to ensure they service guests with utmost safety and security.

If the guest belongs to a country / region, from where travel is currently restricted due to any reason, then the hotel may choose to decline service to the guest, upon arrival.

This can become a very difficult situation for the guest as he will land in a foreign country and won’t be able to check in.

How is rePUSHTI helping to solve this problem?

rePUSHTI re-verifies over 50 parameters for every booking. This includes passenger details, hotel details, operational details, custom parameters etc.

To flag any unforeseen situation like restriction of services due to country of origin, we are now re-verifying the passenger’s nationality for every booking.

This way, the hotel confirms that they are either open to service this passenger or if they will any kind of vaccination / RT PCR test details before arrival. In case the hotel denies the ability to service this passenger, it will allow the passenger to make alternate arrangements. Thereby avoiding any problems upon arrival.

How do we re-verify Nationality parameter at rePUSHTI?

While re-verifying a booking through our automated system or a manual call, the passenger nationality is added one of the fields. This detail is shared with the hotel staff who is re-verifying the booking.

For example:

Example 1: The traveller / guest is an Indian national, could you please re-verify this detail for us. Are you servicing passengers from this region?

Example 2: The traveller / guest is an Israeli national, could you please re-verify this detail for us. Are you servicing passengers from this region?

Based on the hotel’s response, appropriate response is registered in the re-verification and conveyed back to the booking agency.

Why is this step important?

There are multiple systems and suppliers involved in every online travel booking. Lets us look at a few scenarios:

Scenario 1: The traveller has made a booking through supplier 1 and shared all the required details including nationality but the supplier has not passed the complete information to Supplier 2.

Supplier 2 on the other hand shares the detail which he has received and confirms the booking. Later there are chances that the guest or the supplier comes to know that specific national are not allowed to travel to this specific country and tries to cancel the booking but for cancelling this booking retention charges will be applicable.

Scenario 2: The traveller himself makes a booking from the travel portal and misses out to check the details for the restricted traveller or travel restrictions. Cancelling such bookings later will again attract unnecessary retention charges.

By re-verifying the traveler nationality, rePUSHTI is highlighting a very important aspect for every booking. We are also ensuring that travel agencies, suppliers and hotel get to maintain a high quality of service and assurance of service for the traveler.

About rePUSHTI:

A cloud platform that completely automates your booking re-verification process. It provides a hassle free, accurate and detailed re-verification of your bookings through our AI powered engine.

Thereby, reducing any chances of manual errors, over bookings and losses to you and your customers. It gives you complete control through real-time dashboard. More details available here.

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