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While booking tickets or choosing hotels for customers you often receive prompts and suggestions. It could be for anything that customer had previously chosen. The preferences of a customer are often the first thing a travel agent should consider. If a customer is offered services that they like, the chances of getting their business are higher.  

AI or Artificial intelligence is a major help in these situations as they not just store information relevant to customers but also make intelligent and calculated prompts that are tailored for your customer.  Your agency can benefit from such technology. Your agent can make more bookings by using technology to understand the customer and their needs.  

He or she can make a better booking through technology that suggests better offers and better inventory. This helps them make smart decisions for their customers. The agent will try to offer enviable tour packages-based information and data gathered from technology.  

Travel and tourism have been doing exceedingly well with technology that helps them serve their customers better. This is why SaaS or software as a service has become an integral part of the travel and tourism industry. If you haven’t embraced it yet, it’s time to do so.   

SaaS for Business   

  • Complete flexible usage  

SaaS, depending upon the kind of software and the company gives you plenty of options right from the time of set up. The usage depends on how you want to use a product and service, you can pay only for the specific parts that you need. There are SaaS platforms that have zero maintenance costs, zero set-up costs and zero installation fees. You don’t even need a dedicated team to work on the platform, making it highly flexible.   

  • Stay connected   

SaaS gives you the ability to keep your data connected to everything that happens in your system in real-time. You will not be spending money on updates to keep up with the time. Your system is updated and keeps up with the changes in the market.

You can create a connected ecosystem of all your apps and systems so your technology is in sync and manage your business in real-time. This seamless integration with other platforms SaaS is perfect for your business.   

  • Cost-effective  

SaaS is more cost-effective than most technology especially as you won’t be spending extra on updates. Neither will you be spending on installing or upkeep of the technology.   

  • Scalability  

SaaS offers better scalability. E.g., At the peak of the travel season, you may need more people to reverify bookings you make to avoid errors. Doing this manually is costly, time-consuming and the margin for error is high. You will also have to hire resources, train them and pay them for their services.

But during the offseason, these resources become a liability as there is not much work for them. But with SaaS, you can have any amount of booking and let the technology work for you. In the offseason, the process remains the same.  SaaS offers more room for changing business needs without taxing your income.

Process Improvement 

  • Automation   

People who are travelling need to be armed with information regarding their travel, this includes their travel destination, itinerary, notifications, the updated documents they need to carry, real time news updates etc. Now to keep the travellers informed manually, especially when there are a huge number of people, is difficult. It’s easier said than done.

Therefore, having an app or software that does it for you and provides updates to your travellers is better. This avoids any manual errors or delays; it is also faster.   

  • Re-verification   

Reverifications are done based on the information that is already available with the agency. This information is already provided by the customer so the travel agent will only confirm those requests that have already been made by the customer. However, there are many unforeseen events related to travel. The travel agent does not or might not confirm details of the information the customer hasn’t provided but might be vital to the travel.   

With rePUSHTI, this process is simplified and standardized. We have identified over 50 parameters for every booking. Wherein special requests and multiple aspects are covered. So even if a parameter is missing in the booking details, the agent can still check it and get it validated. This way traveller gets a very consistent reverification experience throughout his or her journey without missing any areas. Even if there is a potential mismatch it can be flagged off earlier and ensure the traveller has a smooth experience and avoid potential conflict.   

Resource Utilization   

  • Revenue Generation   

Resources or travel agents that are hired often perform multiple tasks. Your agent not only has to perform a set no of booking, but will also end up handling reverification process. This is usually not an issue during off-seasons. However, during the travel season, they will have their hands full with booking and other areas they will need to attend.

Reverification is a process that needs to be paid extra attention to. When this process is taken care of by technology like rePUSHTI, it leaves your resources to do the job they were hired to do, namely generate revenue. Utilize your resources for the purpose they were hired for with technology.   

AI (artificial intelligence) and SaaS were once considered high technology, but today they are a part of many companies and businesses. Technology is advanced and reliable enough to be entrusted with complex tasks that can be performed with very little or in certain cases without human intervention. This leaves you to devise means and methods to boost your business performance and profits.   

rePUSHTI can completely automate your booking re-verification process. Get accurate and detailed re-verification of your bookings through our AI-powered engine. This process requires very little manual input and reduces any chance of errors overbooking. Its cost effective, saves time and makes travel a hassle-free experience for customers and ensures repeat business for you. To know more about rePUSHTI click here.   

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