Improved Customer Service
  • Deliver Consistent Experience, Booking
    after Booking
  • Re-verify bookings to reduce Errors
Improved Business Performance
  • Free-up personnel to focus on
    important tasks (Sales & BD)
  • Seamless re-verification of all
    Online & Offline Bookings
Improved margins per booking
  • Minimize losses from inaccurate
    bookings (~2%)
  • Re-verification done locally @
    fraction of a cost
Things that could go wrong in an online booking

What's The Challenge?

Over 30% of online hotel bookings have an error, like:
  • Incorrect room type
  • Payment details not updated
  • Booking unavailable in Hotel System
  • Different Hotel with same name
  • More people Show-up at the hotel
  • Multiple bookings under same name
  • Hotel closed or temporary out of service
Avoid a bad customer experience due to reasons beyond your control.
Re-verify your bookings with rePUSHTI
You should get repushti, if you are...
On-demand Webinar

RE-VERIFICATION: Adding Method to the Madness

Exclusive on-demand webinar, to help you understand about booking re-verification. Watch it now!
  • Free your critical resources
  • Save important $
  • Automated Re-verification
  • 50+ parameters checked & more
Get Started in 4 Easy Steps:
Register and Login @
Connect your Booking Platform
through ready API
Check your bookings
data on rePUSHTI
Choose your package &
recharge your account
In-house re-verification vs rePUSHTI
Parameters In-house re-verification rePUSHTI
No of Parameters checked Varies 50 +
Call recording
Multi – Lingual Support
Email Notifications
Mobile Notifications
API to Display info
Cost of Re-verification $4 to $10 $1
Manual intervention
Easily Scalable
Monthly Commitment Yes Pay as you go
Complete control of your Re-verification process
  • All your bookings data in one place
  • No. of Verified & Un-verified bookings
  • Location wise data
  • Account Summary
Booking Re-verification Detailed
  • Booking Re-verification Detailed
  • Call logs & call recording
  • Comments from our expert
  • Share with anyone (agent / customer / property
Billing & Recharge
  • Recent transactions
  • Monthly usages stats
  • Current package details
  • Account summary
Manage Services to Re-verify
  • Activate / deactivate Services
  • Manage your API
Re-verification on the Go!
  • Manage your account
  • Track all your booking status
  • Recharge from anywhere
rePUSHTI delivers maximum value at unmatched prices
Free Trial
  • 20 Reverfications (one time)
  • Connection to one API Source
  • Email Alerts
  • 20 API Requests
Pay As You Go
$1 per reverification
  • Connection to one API Source
  • Booking Reverification
  • Email Alert to Relevant Parties
  • Unlimited API Requests
  • Flexible recharge as you go ($99 onwards)
Early Bird Offer
  • 20% Extra Credit
  • Valid for all recharges on or before 16 Mar 2022
Overcome your Re-verification Challenges
High Reverification Cost
  • Dedicated executive for booking re-verification
  • High International Call Rates
  • 20 to 30% of Travel Agent’s time in re-verification
High Chance of Errors
  • Booking destination in different time zone
  • Language difference
  • Manual oversight
About rePUSHTI
rePUSHTI is a revolutionary platform for the Travel Industry. Travel Agencies, Suppliers, Properties and Customers can now be double assured about the success of their bookings with rePUSHTI.

rePUSHTI is a cloud platform that completely automates your booking re-verification process. It provides a hassle free, accurate and detailed re-verification of your bookings through our AI powered engine. Thereby, reducing any chances of manual errors, overbookings and losses to you and your customers. It gives you complete control through real-time dashboard.

rePUSHTI’s unique framework connects with all suppliers and travel service providers anywhere, anytime at a fraction of your existing re-verification cost.

Create by Qtech Software, rePUHSTI is built on 15+ Years of Travel Technology Experience.