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A perfect trip includes having a hotel stay that goes on without a hitch. However, hotel booking errors do occur and travelers are often left in an unhappy position. They of course will hold their travel agent, travel agency, or travel company responsible.   

rePUSHTI is a cloud platform that fully automates your booking re-verification. For each booking, our system tracks 50+ parameters, such as hotel information, geographic location, facilities, additional services, etc. The best thing you can do for your customer is to get the booking re-verified.   

The question is when should the process start? Let’s take a look at how the re-verification timeline works.   

Best time for re-verification

At rePUSHTI we understand that not every booking needs to be re-verified immediately. Bookings are prioritized according to their check-in dates. We then use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to re-verify bookings after they have been posted to our system.   

To understand how re-verification works, here is the timeline for re-verification once it is pushed to re-PUSHTI system based on the Check-In date.   

The system AI continuously learns from all the bookings re-verified. It will queue bookings for re-verification based on the learnings and accounting for the check-in dates.    

Factors that can affect the re-verification timeline

Time Zone

Re-verification can depend on different factors but a prominent one is time zones. Time zones differ across the globe hence it’s not always possible to assess or re-verify booking immediately. For example, if a booking is posted on rePUSHTI for the same day Check-In at 10 PM IST, for Japan, it will be difficult to re-verify as it would be midnight in Japan and the hotels could be understaffed or be running on a skeleton crew.   

Therefore, one has to consider time zones for re-verification.  

Booking pushed to rePUSHTI system Same day Check-In Check In on the next day Check In within the week Check In date within a month
Re-verification timeline 1 to 2 hours after booking sent to rePUSHTI 6 to 8 hours after booking sent to rePUSHTI 2 to 4 days after booking sent to rePUSHTI 7 to 15 days after booking sent to rePUSHTI

Immediate Check-In

Immediate Check-In is when the guest is already at the hotel and is making a booking and checking in right then and there. It takes anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour for the booking to reflect in the hotel’s system after the booking is made. By then the guest is already at the hotel. This makes it completely redundant.  

Re-verification is the easiest way to ensure that your customers have a stress-free time with their hotel stay. The cost of booking error is measured in poor reviews, loss of customers, and sometimes a hefty compensation. All of this can be avoided with just $1 per reverification with rePUSHTI.   

Utilize the power of technology at cost-effective rates to deliver outstanding service with rePUSHTI

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