A simple way to
re-verify your travel bookings

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A simple way to
re-verify your travel bookings A simple way to
re-verify your travel bookings

A simple way to re-verify your travel bookings

$1 per re-verification.
No hidden charges.

Improved Customer Service

Deliver Consistent Experience, Booking after Booking

Re-verify bookings to reduce Errors

Improved Business Performance

Free-up personnel to focus on important tasks (Sales & BD)

Seamless re-verification of all Online & Offline Bookings

Improved margins per booking

Minimize losses from inaccurate bookings (~2%)

Re-verification done locally @ fraction of a cost

reViewing 2022

Catch up on all the major achievements of 2022 with this exciting year-in-review compilation!
  • 75000+ bookings re-verified
  • 40000+ Hotel reached
  • 16+ Languages bookings was reverified

What's The Challenge?

Over 30% of online hotel bookings have an error, like:
  • Incorrect room type
  • Payment details not updated
  • Booking unavailable in Hotel System
  • Different Hotel with same name
  • More people Show-up at the hotel
  • Multiple bookings under same name
  • Hotel closed or temporary out of service
Avoid a bad customer experience due to reasons beyond your control. Re-verify your bookings with rePUSHTI

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rePUSHTI On Demand Webinar

On-demand Webinar

RE-VERIFICATION: Adding Method to the Madness

Exclusive on-demand webinar, to help you understand about booking re-verification. Watch it now!
  • Free your critical resources
  • Save important $
  • Automated Re-verification
  • 50+ parameters checked & more
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The State of Re-verification

Learn about different  issues found in online booking. How re-verification solves these issues

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Connect your Booking Platform
through ready API

Check your bookings data on rePUSHTI

Choose your package & recharge your account

In-house re-verification vs rePUSHTI



In-house re-verification

Call recording
Multi – Lingual Support
Email Notifications
Mobile Notifications
API to Display info
Manual intervention
Easily Scalable

Complete control of your Re-verification process




  • All your bookings data in one place
  • No. of Verified & Un-verified bookings
  • Location wise data
  • Account Summary


Booking Re-verification Detailed


Booking Re-verification Detailed
  • Booking Re-verification Detailed
  • Call logs & call recording
  • Comments from our expert
  • Share with anyone (agent / customer / property



Billing & Recharge


Billing & Recharge
  • Recent transactions
  • Monthly usages stats
  • Current package details
  • Account summary


Manage Services to Re-verify


Manage Services to Re-verify
  • Activate / deactivate Services
  • Manage your API


rePUSHTI delivers maximum value at unmatched prices

Free Trial

  • 10 Re-verfications (one time)
  • Connection to one API Source
  • Email Alerts
  • 20 API Requests

One Time Sign-Up Offer

  • Contact Sales
  • Get 20% extra re-verifications for $500
  • Sign-up and Recharge your account
  • Add bookings by API, Email or CSV upload

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Re-verification on the Go!

  • Manage your account
  • Track all your booking status
  • Recharge from anywhere
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Our Blog 

Overcome your Re-verification Challenges

High Reverification Cost
  • Dedicated executive for booking re-verification
  • High International Call Rates
  • 20 to 30% of Travel Agent’s time in re-verification
Re-verification on the Go!
  • Booking destination in different time zone
  • Language difference
  • Manual oversight

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