A simple way to
re-verify your travel bookings

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A simple way to
re-verify your travel bookings A simple way to
re-verify your travel bookings

A simple way to re-verify your travel bookings

$1 per re-verification.
No hidden charges.

Improved Customer Service
  • Reduce customer frustration
  • Improve customer trust and satisfaction
  • Improve efficiency in customer service
  • Resolve issues proactively
  • Enhance brand reputation 
  • Brand loyalty and referrals  
Improved Business Performance
  • Optimize operations and pricing strategies
  • Reduce errors and increase efficiency
  • Informed decisions about capacity planning and resource allocation
  • Increased revenue and profitability
  • Prevent unnecessary errors
Improved Margins per Booking
  • Minimize losses from inaccurate bookings (~2%)
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce manual work
  • Reduced risk of overbookings
  • Reduce risk of missing revenue opportunities

Meet us at ATM 2023

At ATM DUBAI 2023, we’re excited to showcase our revolutionary platform – rePUSHTI that reverifies and double checks hotel bookings to ensure your customer does not have a negative customer experience.

Visit us at Stand no. TT1024 to learn more about our reverification platform and how we can help you optimize your business and increase your revenue!

What's The Challenge?

Over 40% of online hotel bookings have an error, like:
  • Incorrect Room type
  • No Meals provided
  • Payment details not updated
  • Booking unavailable in Hotel System
  • Different Hotel with same name
  • Multiple bookings under same name
  • Hotel temporarily or permanently closed
Avoid bad customer experience due to reasons that are beyond your control.
Re-verify your bookings with rePUSHTI !

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We have integrated APIs of these travel technology providers in our system for travel agencies to share bookings seamlessly for reverification by helping them save time and cost.

Get rePUSHTI, if you are...

Wholesaler / Consolidators

Online Travel Agencies

Event Management Companies


On-demand Webinar


Exclusive on-demand webinar, to help you understand the perks and benefits of booking reverification.
Watch it now!
  • Optimize your operations
  • Avoid spending unnecessarily
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • 50+ parameters checked & more
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The State of Re-verification

Acquire knowledge pertaining to the diverse challenges encountered during online booking and explore how re-verification can effectively address and resolve these issues.

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Share your Bookings via
API or CSV format.

Monitor your booking data
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rePUSHTI vs Inhouse re-verification



Inhouse re-verification

Call recording
Multi – Lingual Support
Email Notifications
Mobile Notifications
API to Display info
Manual intervention
Easily Scalable
24x7 Support

Complete control of your Re-verification process




  • All your bookings data in one place
  • No. of Verified & Not verified bookings
  • Location wise data
  • Account Summary


Detailed Booking Re-verification


Booking Re-verification Detailed
  • In-detail data about booking reverification
  • Call logs and recording for dispute resolution
  • Summarized notes from our Agent
  • Share with anyone (Agent / Customer / Property) 



Billing & Recharge


Billing & Recharge
  • Recent transactions
  • Monthly usage stats
  • Flexible recharge packages
  • Account summary


Manage Services to Re-verify


Manage Services to Re-verify
  • Activate / De-activate services
  • Manage your API
  • Push / Unpush bookings
  • Obtain verified bookings data


rePUSHTI delivers maximum value at unmatched prices

Free Trial

  • 10 Re-verfications (one time)
  • Connection to one API Source
  • Add bookings by API, Email or CSV upload
  • Email Alerts

One Time Sign-Up Offer

  • Sign-up and Recharge your account
  • Add bookings by API, Email or CSV upload
  • Email Alerts
  • Contact Sales

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Re-verification on the Go!

  • Manage your account
  • Track all your booking status
  • Recharge from anywhere
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Our Blog 

Overcome your Re-verification Challenges

High Reverification Cost
  • Dedicated executive for booking re-verification
  • High International Call Rates
  • 20 to 30% of Travel Agent’s time in re-verification
Re-verification on the Go!
  • Booking destination in different time zone
  • Language difference
  • Manual oversight

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