Building Trust in Travel: rePUSHTI’s Contribution to Guest Confidence

Consumer trust is the key to success for businesses that cater to the masses. This has never been more important for the travel industry than now. With the travel industry now going back to its pre-COVID era business, the market

Reimagining Booking re-verification: The Role of rePUSHTI in Ensuring Booking Accuracy

Hotel booking error is something every traveller has had the misfortune of experiencing. Everyone has at least one unpleasant story to share. But besides a disgruntled customer, what travel companies have been a loss of business. There is money and

A Holistic Approach to Booking Re-verification

A well-rounded service is the best thing you can provide for your customers. rePUSHTI doesn’t just stand by this but also puts it into action. Our aim of ensuring error-free bookings started with a simple agenda of reducing manual re-verification,

Is Your Customer Traveling on a Budget
How to Improve Your Budget-Friendly Travelers Experience?

Travel will kick back into high gear in 2023. After a hopeful 2022, this year the number of travelers is expected to rise. UNWTO’s forecast indicates that international tourist arrivals across the globe could reach 80-95% of the pre-pandemic level.

your customer reaches their hotel and finds their hotel closed
Your Customer Reaches Their Hotel and Finds It Closed!

Travel agents make hundreds of bookings each day. You make the booking; you confirm the booking and you inform your customer their booking has been made. Your customer departs to their destination, secure in the knowledge that there is a

geographical factors impacting the need for booking re-verification
Geographical Factors Affecting Booking Re-verification

Travel companies have some of the most demanding tasks in the world. It’s important to ensure that your customer has a good experience wherever they go. The problem is, they could be going anywhere in the world. While you are

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