Communication with rePUSHTI's Unified Platform​

In the dynamic world of travel, clear and efficient communication is not just important—it’s essential. That’s where rePUSHTI steps in, offering a groundbreaking Unified Communication Platform tailor-made for travel agencies and agents. Let’s explore why rePUSHTI is quickly becoming the go-to choice for those looking to streamline their operations and enhance their service delivery.

Tailored for Travel

Unlike generic communication platforms, rePUSHTI is crafted specifically with the needs of travel professionals in mind. This integration goes beyond standard offerings by merging critical booking re-verification with powerful communication tools, creating a seamless operational flow for travel agencies. Now, agents can manage bookings, calls, chats, and emails all from one centralized platform, ensuring they have all the tools they need to succeed without the clutter.


Integrated Booking and Communication

rePUSHTI uniquely integrates with travel tech companies’ APIs, allowing your operations team to view and manage bookings alongside communication channels. This means no more switching between systems or juggling multiple logins, just a straightforward, unified interface that houses everything your team needs.


Cost-Effective Communication Solutions

During the development of rePUSHTI, we built a comprehensive communication system internally, which not only meets the specific demands of the travel industry but is also cost-effective. This approach eliminates the need for multiple expensive software solutions, reducing overhead costs and simplifying tech support.

Features That Empower

Why Choose rePUSHTI?

Choosing rePUSHTI means opting for comprehensive booking re-verification, 360-degree supplier fulfillment, and a unified communication platform, all tailored specifically for the travel industry.

Our advanced automation and generative AI technology ensure every booking detail is accurate, preventing potential issues before they impact your customers. With a 96% success rate, rePUSHTI significantly reduces booking errors, saving you time and operational costs.

Our cost-effective services, including a subscription-based communication platform at just $100 per month for up to 5 users, integrate web calling, WhatsApp Business API, and centralized email services, enhancing your team’s productivity. Built by industry experts, rePUSHTI addresses the unique challenges faced by travel agencies and agents, providing real-time updates and coordination for seamless travel operations and improved customer satisfaction. Join the many travel professionals who trust rePUSHTI to optimize their operations and grow their business.

Interested in seeing rePUSHTI in action? contact us directly to learn more and schedule a demo today. Let’s take your travel business to the next level together!

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