Consumer trust is the key to success for businesses that cater to the masses. This has never been more important for the travel industry than now. With the travel industry now going back to its pre-COVID era business, the market is booming. There are various options that weren’t a possibility before, technology has a way of making things more interesting and easier. Before you set your sights on a prosperous business year, reflect on the question, ask yourself, why should a traveler trust you with their money and travel plans?

Your customer has many options, one can say they are spoilt for a choice. To be their preferred choice, you need to provide them with exactly what they need. But that alone won’t suffice. You need to give them a good reason why they should choose your business to spend their hard-earned cash on. Earning a customer’s trust is mainly based on the services you provide, the customer experience they have and the brand reputation you manage to cultivate.

A traveler invests time, money, and considerable effort into planning and taking a trip. This investment is built on and rests their confidence in the services of the travel agency. If you want repeat customers or new customers, earning approval starts with offering the most reliable service. Trust in the travel sector is crucial, and rePUSHTI contributes to building it.


Losing a customer’s confidence

You can spend time and money hawking your wares, explaining why your services are superior, but at the end of the day, the customer will be the one making a choice. Their choice is based largely on what you offer and the experience they can expect.

The services that agencies offer will have an effect on a customer’s opinion but what does the trick is experience. Now this could be their personal experience or a previous customer’s experience. All it takes for you to lose a customer is a poor experience. One of the biggest contributors to bad experiences is hotel booking errors.

A booking error or a booking mismatch that isn’t highlighted in time will end up with the customer blaming you and your business. A few negative reviews online are enough to deter those who would have availed themselves of your service. Apart from this, bad word of mouth can persuade travelers to not choose your business.

Trust – The deciding factor

So how can you get your customers to trust you? Make sure you anticipate your customers’ needs and ensure that they have a smooth experience. You need to ensure that you have the means to prevent booking errors. With the availability of technology like rePUSHTI this is made easier, faster, accurate while being significantly cost-effective.


rePUSHTI- Technology that anticipates and mitigates problems proactively

rePUSHTI’s is a booking re-verification platform that automates the booking re-verification process. By incorporating generative AI, it continuously learns and adapts, increasing its speed and efficiency over time.

What are the important parameters against which a booking is re-verified

There are various parameters against which a booking is re-verified for accurate and precise results. This could cover everything from check-in dates to room types, meals etc. This way the traveler is not missing out on anything they paid for.

When an agency can provide a smooth and hassle-free experience on account of a lack of booking errors, your customers are likely to choose you over your competitors. They bank upon their previous good experience and are confident in your ability to give them great experience. The result is repeat customers, great word of mouth and positive publicity through reviews.


  • The trustworthiness of a travel business depends on the quality of its experiences.
  • It is crucial to make sure that the interests of the company and those of the customers are in line with one another.
  • Everyone benefits when travelers are happy, and this can be achieved with futuristic technological solutions like rePUSHTI.
  • It’s easier to achieve the shared goals of customer satisfaction when humans and machines work together.
  • Routine operations like booking re-verification can be handled with efficiency and accuracy using automation and generative AI.
  • This technology and human touch combination provide seamless, trouble-free travel experiences which ultimately increases guest confidence and provides satisfaction in the travel industry.
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