Travel and tourism are an industry that continues to grow and thrive despite everything that can slow its growth. So, it goes without saying that dependable, efficient, and cost-effective technological solutions are more critical than ever. Almost 8 years ago, an idea for a groundbreaking invention was conceived.

The hotel booking errors were an issue that the travel and tourism industry was familiar with yet little to no effort was made to resolve it.

So began the journey of rePUSHTI, a cloud-based platform that has since reshaped booking re-verification.

Inception of an Idea

We not only identified an issue but also saw an opportunity to use technology to resolve a problem that causes monetary loss and damage to the business.

It was apparent that no standardized, organized, and technology-driven solution was used or available for booking re-verification. Re-verification solutions did not exist for hotel bookings. There were and still are attempts to manually re-verify bookings, but these are tedious, time consuming, expensive, and unreliable.

After only one week of conceptualizing the idea, a framework for re-verification using cutting-edge technologies was developed. This spark was the beginning of what would eventually become rePUSHTI. With the passage of time, the concept was developed and refined by a passionate team at Qtech Software.

Through intensive research, extensive effort, and learning via trial and error, we have integrated advanced technologies to make this ambitious vision a reality.

Launch of rePUSHTI

On the 16th of March 2021, unwavering effort was rewarded with a momentous achievement. This is the day when rePUSHTI was formally introduced to the world. We named our platform rePUSHTI after ‘Pushti,’ a Sanskrit word that means “verification.” Our platform’s mission is straightforward – to automate the booking re-verification process and provide a better customer experience. rePUSHTI combines a strong background in travel technology with expertise and experience of over 18 years.

It’s Technology That Makes rePUSHTI Work

Unlike humans, technology does not have any bounds. By utilizing the power of AI, rePUSHTI re-verifies bookings and covers a broad range of parameters to ensure accuracy.

rePUSHTI identifies errors in bookings and prevents them from occurring. These errors are not only detected by the system, but also notified to users immediately. This proactive approach allows travel companies to correct errors before customers face problematic situations for eg. Booking being canceled, booking not being found, hotel being closed, payment issues etc . By making rePUSHTI an integral part of the booking process, errors in booking can be prevented.

rePUSHTI is an important step forward in making travel easier. This is not simply a platform; rather, it is a methodical and innovative approach to addressing the ongoing issue of booking errors. Through the use of technology, automation, and reliability, rePUSHTI is changing the landscape of booking re-verification, enhancing the travel experience for everyone.


rePUSHTI uses generative AI to determine when to initiate booking re-verification. Using generative AI and machine learning, our system selects the most effective communication medium for re-verification. AI allows us to offer a robust and seamless re-verification service.

Machine learning improves the precision, rapidity, and trustworthiness of re-verification processes. Its capability of learning and adapting to each re-verification, processing data, and automating operations provides greater efficiency and productivity in the hospitality industry, resulting in greater profitability for travel agencies and a great experience for travelers. With futuristic, intelligent technology powering the re-verification, we can cut down the human intervention, cost, and tedious process that complicates the re-verification.

Interested in discovering how rePUSHTI can transform your travel business through breakthrough technology? We invite you to join us at the Phocuswright conference, where we will discuss how rePUSHTI can elevate your travel business. Set yourself on the path to success with rePUSHTI. We look forward to seeing you at Phocuswright!

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