A well-rounded service is the best thing you can provide for your customers. rePUSHTI doesn’t just stand by this but also puts it into action. Our aim of ensuring error-free bookings started with a simple agenda of reducing manual re-verification, avoiding booking errors, and helping travel companies improve their performance, productivity, and profit. All of this does not end with simply re-verifying the booking.

Most travel companies or travel agents don’t realize there is a booking error till their customers reach hotels. The concept of booking re-verification is not inherently new, but how it is done matters. It determines the efficiency and accuracy of the information. This is why rePUSHTI, we use AI and machine, but we are supported by a team of experts which give us an upper hand in not just re-verifying bookings but also making the process efficient. We are also one of the first organizations to use OpenAI to streamline the process of re-verification.

The symbiotic relationship between technology and businesses is driven by the aim to enhance efficiency, simplicity, and ease in life. Merely identifying problems is insufficient; a solution entails providing resolutions to these issues. At rePUSHTI we aim to provide such a 360-degree solution.

How it usually works

Imagine your customer reaching their destination only to realize their hotel is closed! Or the room they paid for isn’t the room they receive. We identify such issues and inform the travel agency before the customer reaches the hotel and avoid any chances of the traveler having a poor experience.

Booking re-verification by rePUSHTI is a process where we re-verify a booking against various parameters. This is to ensure that the traveler gets exactly what they paid for.

We cover the whole spectrum via various mediums to eliminate any possibilities. Since rePUSHTI’s inception, we have re-verified over 2,50,000+ bookings successfully across the globe.

What follows 

Once the travel agency is informed of the issues with the booking, the agency has to pass on the information to their suppliers. The travel agency will have to invest time and resources to connect with suppliers or hotels to get the errors rectified.

Once again, the agency could be burned with the extra cost of a dedicated resource and does not always promise the best results. They may face issues with time zones or languages.

Starting with identifying issues, based on our experience, we have moved on to providing holistic solutions. At rePUSHTI, it is one of the first steps toward a complete solution for booking error resolution.

What's different 

Instead of using your resources which will cost you money, consume your working hours, and have limitations; you can let rePUSHTI handle it.

rePUSHTI offers a comprehensive 360-degree solution. Our approach entails not only identifying problems but also communicating with suppliers, so they are aware of the issues. Providing you with the necessary support to address any concerns that may lead to a booking error, we can act as a bridge between you and the suppliers.

By proactively engaging with suppliers and resolving any issues that may arise, we strive to ensure a seamless experience for you. And your customers.

How does it help 

With rePUSHTI supporting and addressing the problematic bookings, it leaves travel companies free to focus on their business. When travel agencies do not have to devote resources to resolving potential booking errors and mismatches, they can focus on their growth.

As a travel agency, you can utilize your resources to focus on business development, engaging new customers, and much more. Booking errors are costly; with rePUSHTI, you are avoiding any monetary losses. Happy customers are loyal customers, great services ensure client retainment and new customers.

It’s always beneficial to have a comprehensive solution to your issues that leaves you free to run your business effectively.

The service we provide is not restricted by time, geography, or language, ensuring global coverage. We offer the most comprehensive business solutions for preventing booking errors. We ensure smooth and error-free booking experiences for our clients by utilizing various advanced technologies and leverage our vast experience in the world of travel technology.

Discover how rePUSHTI can provide seamless and error-free booking experiences for your clients. Take the first step towards error-free bookings by availing yourself of our free trial TODAY!

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