Hotel booking error is something every traveller has had the misfortune of experiencing. Everyone has at least one unpleasant story to share. But besides a disgruntled customer, what travel companies have been a loss of business. There is money and brand reputation at stake not to mention customer loyalty.

Manually re-verifying hotel booking to rule out booking errors is not something new. Re-verification process is often expensive, where travel companies bear the cost of utilities to support a process like re-verification. They hire and pay for the resources, which costs time and infrastructure. The human margin for error cannot be ruled out and the limitation of language barrier, time zones and working hours will affect the overall operation. We are looking at an unstructured, expensive and lengthy process.

How do you overcome this hurdle?

Travellers are looking for their next great experience, if you as a travel company cannot provide that they will look for it elsewhere. So how do you ensure that you will not just be their first choice but also their favourite? Easiest way? Use technology to power great customer experience. Now this need not be complicated or expensive.  

It starts with smart technology

Having a technology that can gauge the data, learn from the process and evolve to meet the changing needs is the game changer that businesses need. AI and Automation has become an integral part of the travel sector and helps travel businesses in cost optimization and the enhancement of operational effectiveness. For example, customer support bots that answer queries.
So, there is no reason why it cannot be used to enhance customer experience.

Here is what rePUSHTI can do for your business

Structured process

With automation and machine learning leading the way, our operations draw insights from past bookings integrated into the system. Consequently, the system can determine optimal re-verification timing, preferred communication channels, and more, streamlining the entire process for maximum efficiency. 


Ensuring a great experience for guests starts with booking re-verification that leaves no room for errors. With rePUSHTI we accomplish this by using cutting-edge technology along with human supervision.


Booking re-verification is time-bound depending upon when a booking is pushed into the system. Check-in dates determine the priority of bookings. The system AI continuously learns from all the re-verifications previously performed. It will queue bookings for re-verification based on the learnings and account for check-in dates.      

Assessing the costs of operation

You as a business owner are left to bear the cost of operation. Call cost, resource cost and seat cost alone can eat into your revenue. With rePUSHTI cuts back this cost to a bare minimum but better results.

It is the world’s first booking re-verification platform that uses automated processes and AI which cuts down operational costs from 5-10 USD to just 1 USD per booking.

Scale up the number of re-verifications

By using technology like rePUSHTI, you can scale up the number of re-verifications performed in a day. Manual re-verification relies on humans and humans have limitations. They can tire and there is no assurance in the consistency of quality. However, technology powered by AI and automation does not slow down.

Unaffected by peak or down seasons

Peak seasons or holidays mean the number of hotel bookings surges, consequently, the number of bookings to be re-verified also rises for e.g., 20,000 bookings per day. But during the down or off-season, the number of re-verifications can be significantly lower for e.g., 5000 bookings per day. With rePUSHTI you are only paying for the bookings that are being re-verified. But with manual re-verification the cost of operations remains high as you are left paying for your resources, tech and utilities irrespective of the season or demands.

Guest experience

With rePUSHTI taking care of your booking re-verification, your guest can avoid unpleasant surprises during travels. This ensures they have a seamless experience. Great experiences make customers happy. This is where your repeat business comes from, you generate more revenue. You can also enjoy brand loyalty, which guarantees more business through recommendations and great reviews are an added bonus.   

Limitless opportunities

Technology offers endless opportunities, rePUSHTI is at the forefront of harnessing these opportunities. The continuous advancement of technology ensures that there are always new opportunities to explore, allowing you to enhance your business’ performance. We research, learn from the process and implement solutions that leverage the power of smart technology to optimize the process of operations that benefit travel business.

Are you interested in discovering how rePUSHTI can transform your travel business? Come meet us at the Phocuswright conference, where we’ll discuss how revolutionary technology can elevate your travel business. Your journey to success starts with rePUSHTI. See you there!

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