geographical factors impacting the need for booking re-verification

Travel companies have some of the most demanding tasks in the world. It’s important to ensure that your customer has a good experience wherever they go. The problem is, they could be going anywhere in the world. While you are in a completely different part of the globe trying to make sure everything go smoothly. This is particularly challenging when your customer travels to a geographical location where you have no support.   

Let’s say your customer travels to a foreign country and they face an issue with their booking. They are left stranded there with no accommodation, tired and generally dissatisfied with your service. We know that you would want to avoid such situations. What if we told you this could be accomplished before your customer ever reaches their destination and with zero room for errors?  

To understand this better you need to understand geographical factors that can contribute to booking errors. We will also look into how this can be tackled with technology.   


Your customer could be traveling anywhere all over the world. This imposes limitations on what you can do to ensure their booking is free of error and issues. For example, Let’s say a booking is made for your customer from India to a hotel in Egypt. The customer reaches the hotel and is informed that their booking is not valid as there were payment issues. This happened as the rate at which the booking was made was not for the Egyptian market.  

Hotels in various countries have multiple rules regarding payments, check-in times, documentation requirements, local rules, etc. Certain hotels can alter their rules in case of a major event in the country or there could be a sudden change in rules issued by the government. In such cases, booking re-verification can help you.   

rePUSHTI automates your booking re-verification process. We check across 50+ parameters. Aided by technology, rePUSHTI can transcend geographical limitations, ensuring that your customer faces no issues when they check-in. 


Time zones across the globe vary. For example, if your travel company is based in Dubai and your customer is traveling to Washington, USA, the time difference between both places is vast. Dubai – United Arab Emirates is 9 hours ahead of Washington, DC, USA. Your working hours will be midnight in the USA. At this time, the hotel is either understaffed or operated by a skeleton crew that cannot assist you much.  

In simple terms, when your customer is traveling to the other side of the world, their time zone is vastly different from yours. Verifying their booking before they reach their hotel can be challenging in such circumstances.     

With rePUSHTI time zones won’t be an issue as we operate 24/7. So regardless of when a booking is pushed through, the re-verification process is immediately initiated.  


Language barriers have always been an issue with healthy communication. For example, your customer is headed to China and no one at your organization can communicate in Mandarin. The hotel your customer is booked at has no English speaker, this can result in booking errors and issues when important details regarding the bookings are not communicated effectively.   

With multiple countries that your customer can travel to, one of the biggest issues that can affect bookings, in general, is the language barrier. Often hotels communicate in the native language of the country, not everyone is proficient in English.   

To overcome language barriers, our team uses a variety of communication methods while re-verifying a booking. This way we ensure that language is not an issue contributing to booking errors.   

Your success as a travel company depends on how well you can serve your customer no matter where they wish to travel. When you are supported by the right technology you can accomplish the most daunting task easily. It’s time to transcend the constraints imposed by borders, time zones, and languages.   

Get rePUSHTI and ensure that your customer has a good time and you get nothing but glowing reviews and references.  

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