Is Your Customer Traveling on a Budget

Travel will kick back into high gear in 2023. After a hopeful 2022, this year the number of travelers is expected to rise. UNWTO’s forecast indicates that international tourist arrivals across the globe could reach 80-95% of the pre-pandemic level. The world of travel has been altered by not just the pandemic but also the changing social and economic scenarios.

People are not just travelling smartly by using technology, they are also making economic choices. Instead of a big blow-out vacation, they are choosing smaller B&B, 2- 3-star hotels, and aparthotels. Economy accommodation is great for budget travelers although it also poses problems if the travelers are not aware of the rules about check-in, meals, etc.

What could happen?

During re-verification process for a travel agency, we discovered that many B&B do not have a night crew. They often close their reception in the evening and would deny late check-ins for their upcoming guests if they arrived past their reception hours. Guests who are caught unaware will be homeless for the night, lose out on the money they have paid for their stay, and will have a rather unpleasant experience overall.

Many places advertise themselves as Bed & Breakfast (B&B) but do not serve breakfast. Travelers are informed of this quite late and will often have to look for a dining option in an unfamiliar locality. It may also adversely affect those who wish to abide by their budget.

A poor experience guarantees the wrath of travelers who will never use the same travel agency again. A well-placed poor review or a bad word of mouth can wreck the brand’s reputation. These travelers will also need to be compensated for their ordeal.

Such situations are something most travel agencies do not know about or even anticipate, and most are unaware of the policies of smaller hotels. But re-verification from an impartial, technology-backed source such as rePUSHTI can help travel agencies avoid a terrible situation for their guests.

What does rePUSHTI do?

In simplest terms, rePUSHTI re-verifies your hotel bookings by using innovative technology. rePUSHTI makes this possible and helps travel agencies avoid a situation where they end up compensating travelers for a bad experience or incur the wrath of travelers along with suffering damage to their reputation and business. Travelers can often face issues that are beyond the control of travel agencies. Many of these can and should be tackled before the traveler leaves for their destination.

rePUSHTI is a cloud platform that fully automates your booking re-verification process, which helps you optimize your operations and increase profitability. We employ various mediums, aided by technology, to ensure that bookings are not just re-verified but also the customer has a stellar experience.

Here are a few things rePUSHTI does

  • During the re-verification process, our agents gather information about reception hours and extensions of these hours. We also gather details about the on-duty staff in case of late check-in.
  • We gather information about self-check-in so we can inform travel agencies about it and avoid last-minute hassles for travelers.
  • Before check-in, we also inform the hotel of your special requests, if any. For instance, for a honeymooner’s check-in, we often ask the hotel to provide them with champagne, flowers, or cake, something that makes the experience memorable.

Benefits of making rePUSHTI a part of your business

Booking errors can be a scourge upon your business, eating at your profits and ruining your reputation. All of this can be avoided with booking re-verification

Manual re-verification can result in booking errors and hamper your productivity. With technology, you are assured of better results. At rePUSHTI we use various methods of re-verification including calls, mail, messaging, and agent-monitored IVR.

With rePUSHTI your customers will have a better experience, and you can enjoy better productivity, get repeat business and boost your profits. Overall, your business performance improves with the reduction of hotel booking errors.

Ensure a carefree and memorable travel experience for your customers with rePUSHTI.

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