your customer reaches their hotel and finds their hotel closed

Travel agents make hundreds of bookings each day. You make the booking; you confirm the booking and you inform your customer their booking has been made. Your customer departs to their destination, secure in the knowledge that there is a room waiting for them. But once they reach the hotel, they might be in for a rude shock when they find there is an issue with their booking or worse, the hotel is closed!   

The first call they make is to you, you find that the booking is accepted, yet your customer who is at the location insists their booking is missing or they find that the hotel is shut, or the hotel they were booked into no longer exists and is a completely new business.   

Here is the conundrum, your customer is out of a room, you are out of money and you probably lost your customer. This is not an imaginary example, but rather something that happens with alarming regularity.   

What if we told you all of this could be avoided? That we would prevent this from happening before your customer even arrives at their destination. To know more, read these real-life incidents and issues we came across and how we tackled them.   

Scenario 1

The travel company informed us that they had a voucher for a confirmed hotel booking. But when the rePUSHTI team reached out to re-verify the booking, we learned that the hotel had been closed for the last 6 months for renovations. The hotel accepted the booking and the supplier knew about the hotel being closed, however, this information wasn’t relayed to the travel company.   

Had the traveler reached the hotel, they would have found it closed. rePUSHTI not just researched the details about the hotel but also reached out to the concerned authorities at the hotel to acquire accurate information about the status of the booking.   

The travel company was able to avert a rather unpleasant surprise for their customer due to timely re-verification conducted by rePUSHTI.  

Scenario 2

Berlin’s giant AquaDom hotel aquarium exploded causing sizable destruction in December 2022. The lobby of the Radisson Blu hotel in Berlin was flooded after the giant aquarium filled with liters of water burst. The property was temporarily shut down due to this. However, the hotel still had bookings and there would be guests arriving.   

The hotel moved these bookings to a sister property. But the guests weren’t informed of this move. Had they reached the hotel their bookings were originally made at they would find it temporarily shut or access restricted and would be turned away. They would be redirected to the sister hotel, but this would mean frazzled travelers who are worried about their booking. They would also have to spend extra traveling to the other hotel depending upon its location.   

rePUSHTI had the chance to reverify the booking made at Radisson Blu hotel Berlin and we were able to inform our customers regarding the property being temporarily closed, thereby averting their customers having a bad experience once they reach the hotel.   

Scenario 3

Often two hotels merge for various business reasons. When this happens, the newly merged entity does not accept bookings from either of the 2 merged properties. They only honour and accept bookings made for the new property. However, travel companies are often unaware of this and once the booking goes through, they are secure in the knowledge that their customer has a confirmed booking. But once the customer reaches the hotel, they will be turned away. 

rePUSHTI has come across this scenario various times and has been able to inform travel companies well in advance and save their customers from having a terrible experience.  

Scenario 4

The travel company makes the booking under the assumption that the hotel is a part of OYO. However, during re-verification process we learned that the hotel where the booking was made is no longer a part of OYO and booking is not available with the hotel.   

This scenario is quite common, many properties are often taken over by a new company for various business reasons. But this information is not always updated on the booking websites and sometimes this information is not available on google either.   

rePUSHTI can avoid any unforeseen events through re-verification. We connect with the hotel and gather accurate information about the hotel and booking, and inform the travel company about the same.  

Re-verification is not an adornment or embellishment to the process of hotel booking. Rather it is a necessary step towards serving your customers well enough to ensure repeat business.    Here is why re-verification by rePUSHTI should be a part of your travel booking process;  
  • rePUSHTI re-verifies the booking and acquires accurate data and booking status.    
  • We can re-verify bookings using multiple methods of communication and technology.  
  • We provide updates and information to customers in real-time.  
  • We are the direct link between the hotel and the client. We bridge the gap to avoid booking errors.  
Travel businesses have plenty of competition. What sets them apart is the kind of service they provide. An error-free booking equals a happy customer and happy customers are repeat customers and also the key to more business.    Up your business game by making re-verification by rePUSHTI a part of your hotel bookings.   
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