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Travel industry has bounced back from its pitfalls of 2020-2021. It is quite clear that the hotel industry is more than eager to regain its lost vitality, income, and growth. Travelers who have been cooped up at home or had stalled their travel plans can now travel easily.  

According to a report by Amadeus, global occupancy rates among hotels for July and August 2022 were 67%, as opposed to 64% in 2019. By comparison, this represents a 3% increase from three years ago. There is a lot to be optimistic about traveling in the upcoming days. But apart from optimism, what matter is preparedness.  

As the influx of travelers rises, travel and hospitality businesses need to gear up. Travel agencies will have to be on top of their game and ready to serve guests who are looking for a good time.  

We have prepared a checklist for travel businesses everywhere to ensure that this holiday season you can provide impeccable service.   

Get access to excellent content providers

Hotel content is all the information a traveler needs about the hotel or property they want to book. So, provide them access to the best content.  

  • Images of the rooms must be displayed in high-resolution on your website.  
  • Provide accurate, updates and adequate details, this helps travelers make an informed choice. 
  • Integrate with the best suppliers. This way you will have an extensive inventory and your guests will have a wide variety to choose from.   

Hotel content providers provide high-quality content that helps your business grow. You will add value to your services by offering your customers enriched content.   

Have you partnered with the best hotel content providers yet?

Get the best deals for your customers

Your customers are looking for the best packages, combo deals, and anything that adds value or extra benefits. They want to get the maximum value for their money.  

  • Customers enjoy free upgrades, various combos, or extra services that enhance their overall experience.  
  • Offering a free Spa experience, combo deals on activities can go a long way  
  •  If you can provide any of these to your customers, they will not just have a great experience but will also choose you over your competitors.   

Do you have partners and suppliers who can help you procure and offer the best deals for your customer?

Avoid unpleasant surprises at the hotel  

One thing that can certainly sour any customer experience at any hotel is unpleasant surprises. What are unpleasant surprises?  

  • Customers reach the hotel only to discover that their booking is not available in the hotel system.  
  • Customers find that there are payment issues with their bookings 
  • The amenities customers particularly wanted aren’t present  
  • Customers have been booked into the wrong room despite paying for something else.   

All of this will ruin a customer’s holiday experience, something they have shelled out money for. They will not just be unhappy with the experience but your service as well. This is bad for any travel business and if any of the above-mentioned scenarios happens with your customer, you are looking at monetary loss and damage to the brand reputation.   

Avoid this with rePUSHTI

rePUSHTI is an AI-powered booking re-verification platform. Travel Businesses can use rePUSHTI to re-verify all their hotel bookings. Every hotel booking is re-verified across 50+ parameters. From booking confirmation to check-in, your customers can have a seamless booking experience.  

Are you ready to offer an error free booking experience?

The holiday season is going to be the bulk of your business for the year. By ensuring that your customers have a smooth, enjoyable, and hassle-free travel experience, you will be cultivating a loyal customer base. It will also help you get newer customers.  

With technology like rePUSHTI, you can eliminate any error that results from manual work. Prepare your travel business for the busiest time of the year in the travel industry with rePUSHTI.   

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