Nothing makes a trip go sour like issues with hotel reservations. For example, let’s say there is a traveler who has travelled for long hours to reach their destination, they reach a hotel and are now looking forward to resting. They reach their hotel only to find that the facilities they requested are not available to them at the hotel. This will certainly put them off. None of this bodes well for their travel agent and they will likely never trust them again.

As a travel agent, you must be very familiar with the above-mentioned scenario. Sometimes no amount of planning and careful work on your part can stop a booking mismatch as there are so many parties involved in every booking. This is an issue that can be expertly solved with Technology.

All of this can be avoided with booking re-verification. At rePUSHTI, we re-verify booking to eliminate any kind of issues that would result in booking errors. rePUSHTI is an AI-powered booking re-verification platform that re-verifies every hotel booking across 50+ parameters. In short, you have an intelligent and easy way to ensure you do not lose customers to booking errors or booking mismatches.

Having an error-free booking is great but apart from this, there are various other benefits to making rePUSHTI a part of your travel business. Your business can enjoy the benefits of having intuitive and powerful technology. These features make it easy for you to function smoothly and ensure that you have minimal work to do while ensuring your customers have a good time.

Here is how you can get more out of rePUSHTI than just re-verifications for your bookings.

Automated push of exact bookings to re-verify

Connect your booking API to rePUSHTI so that all the bookings that you make are sent to the rePUSHTI. You can also set criteria and bookings that meet these criteria would only be the ones sent to rePUSHTI for re-verification. This can be for a particular location or booking that amounts to a certain value etc. This can be done by adjusting your API accordingly. This helps you have total control over the booking that is pushed into rePUSHTI system for re-verification. This way API connection helps you automate the process of pushing bookings for re-verification.

Re-verify your offline bookings

Despite the use and preference of online bookings, there still might be a few bookings that are made offline. Let’s say your team makes bookings with a hotel and they are not recorded in a system anywhere. These bookings are usually harder to verify on their own. However, with rePUSHTI, you can upload bookings that haven’t been made online. These bookings can be uploaded by using the ‘offline booking feature’. These bookings too are added to your re-verification queue. These will be re-verified and you will have access to the reports of rev-verification data.

Resolve any dispute with the Hotel

Once the booking is re-verified, a customer is good to go. They need not worry about their booking status. However, let’s say there is a very low chance of the hotel not honoring the booking for any reason, rePUSHTI can be a handy tool to solve such issues. In such cases, the call recording of the entire re-verification is available. These are added to the system by default. These recordings can be downloaded and travelers can share them with the hotel for dispute resolution. These are very helpful in case an unforeseen issue arises.

Keep relevant stakeholders informed

Email notification gives you real-time updates on your re-verification status. There are multiple parties involved in every re-verification process. You can choose whether or not you want to keep them informed of successful re-verification. So, you can send an automated trigger to the travel agent who made the booking. In case you wish to send the report directly to the end consumer, informing them of their re-verification status, an auto email trigger can do this for you. This feature is built into the platform itself. You can also send such notifications via WhatsApp. This way you can keep all your key stakeholders well informed about the status of re-verification.

Choose your re-verification criteria

As part of our system, we are capable of tracking 50+ parameters for each booking, including details regarding the hotel, its geographical location, amenities, inclusions, and references. You can pick the parameters that you need with rePUSHTI for re-verification. You can choose which parameters are non-negotiable for you in the booking. There are certain parameters that could be non-negotiable in a booking for your customer specifically. As a rePUSHTi customer, you can choose and define the parameters that are important for your booking.

The travel industry is not just highly competitive but also quite demanding. Keeping your customers happy is not an easy task and it should never be taken lightly. The easiest way to win over a customer is by giving them an unforgeable experience.

Get rePUSHTI for your business and use smart technology to redeliver impeccable service.

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