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Issues with Manual Re-verification

Travel agencies deal with customers travelling all over the world. With domestic and international travellers, travel agencies deal with multiple bookings each day. Now many of these bookings are for countries that speak languages that are different from yours. Getting a booking re-verification in such a situation is tricky.   

Now let’s say your customer is travelling to Germany and the hotel they are booked at converse only in German. Your agent or people of your agency don’t speak German. Re-verifying booking in such a situation will be difficult. And getting all parameters cross-checked might be impossible. Such conditions give rise to booking errors and mismatches.   

Have you ever wondered why some booking errors happen despite the best attempts at covering all your bases?

That’s because manual re-verification leaves you wide open to possible errors. Manual re-verification is done by people which means the margin for errors is high.  

The easiest way to avoid this is by ensuring that you do everything possible to eliminate booking errors. This starts with switching from manual re-verification to technology driven re-verification.   


  • ⚠ Problem- The language barrier might prevent a thorough re-verification. People can often misunderstand each other when language is not common. Lack of booking re-verification or incomplete re-verification can and will result in booking errors. This will result in your customer being stranded in a foreign land without a hotel room. This is quite bad for business.   
  • 🗸 Solution – At rePUSHTI we do not let the language barrier stop us from completing re-verification successfully. Once the booking is entered into our system, we use artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques and automated calls to re-verify bookings. We also have measures in the form of our agents to ensure that the system works correctly.   

So far, we have a re-verified booking in multiple languages, notably in English, Malay, Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Saudi Arabic, Russian, Turkish, French, and German 


  • ⚠ Problem- People often try to make as many calls as possible to re-verify bookings but often meet hurdles. This could be technical issues, calls going unanswered etc. But these issues could result in booking errors if re-verification doesn’t go through.
  • 🗸 Solution Technology is not infallible, but technology is also not bound by the same limitations as humans. AI powered technology that verifies your booking and can accomplish more than manual re-verification. It helps you get the best results.

We use various channels for re-verification to ensure accuracy, these include Calls, Emails, WhatsApp and alternative methods like communication through social media.  


People travel all over the globe. This means that the places they travel to could have completely different time zones from yours. Re-verification in such situations is difficult and can result in booking errors. However, technology can help you overcome this hurdle. 

  • ⚠ Problem- For example, if your travel agency is based in India and your agent tries to reverify a booking made in a hotel in America, they could be met with no answer. The daytime in India is the nighttime in the US which means that there is no one working at the hotel or it is managed by a skeleton crew who cannot help you with booking verification.  
  • 🗸 Solution The travel industry never rests, and neither do we. We understand that our customers have travellers on the move and travelling to different locations to keep up with such demands, rePUSHTI functions 24/7. Therefore, no matter when the booking is pushed through rePUSHTI, we start the verification process.  

A booking error or booking mismatch can result in monetary damage and it is detrimental to brand reputation. Your customers will no longer trust you with their booking and you will end up losing your customers and their business.  

To avoid such situations, make technology a part of your re-verification process.

Let rePUSHTI simplify and refine your re-verification process. Power the future and success of your business with rePUSHTI.   

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