booking confirmation vs booking re-verification

Booking a hotel stay is a process that has many players involved. Whenever an online booking is made it involves an OTA, suppliers, channel manager, and hotel.

The booking confirmation is what happens at the time of booking. The traveler makes a booking, pays for it, and the booking is lodged in different systems that are involved in the overall process.

Then the traveler is informed via email, call, or SMS that the booking is recorded.   

Every time a booking is made, the booking is recorded in the system of the service providers involved. By definition, booking confirmation is what the online system gives you when you have successfully made the booking.   

People often confuse booking confirmation with booking re-verification. They are not the same. Booking re-verification is what happens after booking confirmation.

Travel agents often use various means of communication with the hotel before check-in dates to re-verify the booking.

This is the process of ensuring the booking is similar across all the parameters.   

Booking re-verification can be manual or technology-based. Manual re-verification has a lot of shortcomings that technology-based doesn’t have.   

Booking Confirmation vs Booking Re-verification

Booking Confirmation Booking Re-verification
🗸 Gives you the acknowledgement that booking has been recorded in the system. 🗸 Gives you the complete summary of all your parameters in the booking.
🗸 This happens at the time of booking. 🗸 This happens after booking.
🗸 At the time of booking. 🗸 Closer to the check-in date.
🗸 Acknowledgment of booking recorded in the system. 🗸 A report on possible mismatches.
🗸 Every time a booking is made, the booking is recorded in the system of the agencies involved. Booking confirmation is generated on successfully making the booking. 🗸 Booking re-verification is done either manually or with technology. Using technology ensures superior results.
🗸 Booking confirmation is essential proof for a booking made. 🗸 Booking re-verification is done to ensure that there are no booking errors and that travelers have no unpleasant surprises waiting for them at the destination.
Is it same as booking re-verification? Is it same as booking confirmation?
❌ No ❌ No

Booking re-verification ensures that customers have a great experience. Booking errors are not good for business therefore it’s essential for travel companies to ensure that their customers have a stress-free stay. It’s always advisable to use technology to perform booking re-verification.  

rePUSHTI from Qtech software is an AI-powered booking re-verification platform. Travel Businesses should use rePUSHTI to re-verify all their hotel bookings.  

It re-verifies every hotel booking across 50+ parameters. To ensure that your customers have a seamless booking experience from booking confirmation to check-in, get rePUSHTI

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