feature image holiday season checklist for travel agencies
Holiday Season Checklist for Travel Agencies

Travel industry has bounced back from its pitfalls of 2020-2021. It is quite clear that the hotel industry is more than eager to regain its lost vitality, income, and growth. Travelers who have been cooped up at home or had

How to Make the Most of Your Re-verifications?

Nothing makes a trip go sour like issues with hotel reservations. For example, let’s say there is a traveler who has travelled for long hours to reach their destination, they reach a hotel and are now looking forward to resting.

rate discrepancy
Did You Know the Rate Discrepancy of Hotel Rooms Can Cause Booking Errors?

Travellers are very familiar with booking errors. A booking error or booking mismatch can be defined as a difference between what was mentioned at the time of booking and what the customer receives at the hotel. Many things can cause

payment failure booking error
Customer Has Paid for the Room, Yet Denied Check-in. Know Why?

Booking error is one of the biggest contributors to disgruntled customers, poor reviews, and loss of brand reputation. Your customers will always have many choices, therefore it’s up to you to retain your customers and get new ones. Customers do

5 real-life challenges, we encountered during re-verification

A travel agent’s work does not end with the booking confirmation. Your customer’s complete experience depends on how you handle the booking right from the moment of confirmation. There are many factors between the booking and the customer reaching the

reasons for booking mismatch
1 Out of 4 Bookings Faced These Mismatches in the Last Year

Table of Content –  Introduction Reasons For Booking Mismatch Booking Not Found Property Closed Cancelled Payment Issues Booking Confirmed With Mismatch Other Reasons For Booking Error Conclusion Booking mismatches are more common than you think and are one of the

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